Excellence Meets Affordability – Real Estate in Gurgaon

A home is where your family is, the perfect place where your kids will grow and learn… Your own space
that provides you the much deserved comforts of life. Consequently, when buying a home, pricing
shouldn’t be the only concern. If you are offered comfort, safety, convenience and concern at a price
that suits your pocket, it is always worth it. Space & price crunch is already affecting people living or
looking to live in the metros. Delhi for instance isn’t a preferred location to raise a family anymore by
masses. Not only will you have to settle for uncomfortable homes in spite of spending a hefty amount
but you will also have to settle with the unsettling traffic, pollution, commotion, ill-managed
infrastructure and the rising price problems. This has been the reason that NCR development has taken
place. Gurgaon and nearby areas like Dharuhera, for instance have grown up to be among the most
popular locations for families looking to settle down peacefully but not too far from the national capital
Projects like Casa Romana aren’t affordable housing projects in the literal sense but when you look at
the benefits, there is every reason to agree that the investment is more than worth it. So what are you
spending the extra money for instead of going for the average affordable housing Projects choose
Luxury housing project at affordable price.


Gurgaon isn’t a small location anymore it has extended itself till Dharuhera. The rising demand has
expanded its periphery and it’s still in the process of growth. Projects like Casa Romana are built on
locations that give easily access to the city centre and you will always find convenient and diverse means
of communication. These are projects that are planned to be close enough to schools, hospitals,
markets, shopping malls and centers of recreation. On the other hand, if you are solely concerned about
the price you are paying for a home, you would probably have to settle for a location that would be best
categorized as non-prime suburbs. Now these areas come with their own set of disadvantages including
poor infrastructure, bad connectivity, lack of necessary services like hospitals, schools, etc and minimal
opportunities for recreation among others.


With many low end but affordable housing projects, you pay the price but you are never sure where you
would be accommodated in. Allotment of apartments is based upon lucky draws and you will have no
option but to settle. If your luck isn’t quite favorable you might have to move into rooms that are
undersized, have windows facing a dump yard, etc. On the other hand, paying a bit extra for an
apartment in Casa Romana will let you have your pick of apartment and its view/ facing.

Size and other specifications

Affordable but luxury projects like Casa Romana are built to provide utmost convenience to the buyers.
Firstly, you will get a minimum apartment size of 980 Sq. Ft. and maximum apartment size is 1680 Sq.
Ft., good enough to raise a family with kids and even a couple of guests. Next you will have parking

facilities, a club, sports zone and other hi-end amenities. On the other hand, if you are just looking at the
pricing and settle for the affordable housing project in Gurgaon, your apartment size will not be able
able to accommodate you and your kids, you will have no facility for parking your vehicle or any other
amenities as such.

Discounts and returns

Affordable housing in Gurgaon (the lower end ones) comes with a fixed price and there is no return on
your investment. However, availing the excellence of projects like Casa Romana will definitely offer you
attractive discounts, flexible installment schemes and a high return on your investment.
So, don’t just run after affordability. Quality matters. After all, it’s a house you are buying and not
something you can choose to discard and replace easily.